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Department: Nursing
Location: Dunkirk, NY

JOB TITLE:              Certified Nurse Aide – Nursing


REPORTS TO:         Charge Nurse


EDUCATION:          N/A


LICENSES:              Must be currently certified/registered in New York State as a Certified Nurse Aide with no finding or convictions of resident abuse, mistreatment, neglect or misappropriation of resident property as verified with the NYS Registry, and with any other State’s registry where the CNA has previously resided. Verification from the Registries is filed in the CNA’s personnel record.


EXPERIENCE:        Will train.

KNOWLEDGE NEEDED FOR JOB:        Nurse Aide certification skills.


SKILLS NEEDED:  NYS approved Nurse Aide skills.


WORK SCHEDULE: Shift is a 7.5 hour per day shift.  May be Full-Time, Part-Time, or Per Diem; Shift Hours: 7:00am-3:00pm, 3:00pm-11:00pm, or 11:00pm-7:00am.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS:    7.5 hr work day, 1 to 5 shifts per week, may work days, evening or night shifts; Audio-Visual: hearing, near vision, far vision, mid-range, peripheral vision, color discrimination, depth perception; Psychological: works alone, works closely with others, works under stress; Physical tasks; (per shift) standing 3 hrs (continuous), sitting 1.25 hrs (intermittent), walking  3 hrs (continuous), climbing .25 hrs (seldom), bending 4 hrs (intermittent), pushing/pulling 2.5 hrs (intermittent), twisting 3 hrs (intermittent), reaching 3 hrs (intermittent), lifting/lowering – 1-15 lbs (2 hrs/day) (intermittent), over 50 lbs (2 hrs/day) (intermittent) ; Ranges – knuckle to shoulder Intermittent 4 hrs per day, floor to knuckle and shoulder and above-seldom; Repetitive Motion hand to wrist Intermittent 3 hrs per day and elbow to shoulder Intermittent 3 hrs per day.

OCCUPATIONAL HAZARDS:  Please refer to the Safety and Fire and Disaster manual and the Infection Control Manual for specific information.  Specific Hazards for this job:  improper body mechanics, failure to follow Plan of Care when lifting equipment is required

EQUIPMENT USED IN JOB:        Ergo-Lift, Ergo-Stand

JOB SUMMARY:    Provide for our clients’ physical, psychological, and emotional needs by assisting licensed personnel through the performance of routine functions of basic nursing care to residents.  Gives prompt and efficient assistance to nursing personnel in performance of duties and care of resident under the supervision of an RN, LPN, or Nursing Supervisor, following established policies and procedures.


Performs all nursing duties during the tour of duty in accordance with current Federal, State and local standards, guidelines and regulations governing our facility, and as may be directed by the Nurse Manager/Charge Nurse to assure the highest quality of Resident Care.

Maintains confidentiality of resident information.

Works cooperatively and as a team member with other personnel.

Assist in ambulation and transfers from bed, chair, toilet, stretcher with and without the use of mechanical aides.

Provides physical support by transporting residents via wheelchair, stretcher or ambulation to other parts of the facility when necessary.

Assists or feeds residents as indicated.

Offers and removes bedpans and/or urinals.

Keeps incontinent Residents clean and dry.                                                  

Gives bed baths, tub baths, showers and provides skin care.

a)      Trims nails and assists with care of hair and oral hygiene.

b)      Washes and grooms Residents in a.m. and prepares  them for bed in p.m.


Assists Residents to dress and undress.                                 

Prepares Residents for Religious Services, if requested.

Serves nourishments and supplements to ensure nutritional requirements are met.                                                                             

Serves and collects meal trays.

Answers lights or call bells promptly.  Responds to inquiries by Resident or visitor including referral to Charge Nurse/Nurse Manager as indicated. 

Participates in Interdisciplinary Plan of Care meetings as appropriate.

Ensures the safety of Resident following established procedures for both medical and non-medical emergencies.  Correctly applies restraints per established plan of care.

Refers to daily individualized resident care plan for specific care required for each Resident.

Takes part in bowel and bladder rehabilitation program of the Resident.    

Measures intake and output and keeps record of same.

Takes temperature, pulse and respirations.  May give simple enemas, and may measure height and weight when directed to do so by the Charge Nurse.  Is also responsible for reporting Residents’ complaints to the Charge Nurse or Supervisor.  Before going off duty signs for required activities on the activity sheet which is kept in the Daily Care Book.  Before going off duty complete required documentation in the Daily Care Book, I&O Book, Log Book, Turn and Positioning Sheet and Consumption Sheet.

Adheres to Infection Control policies of the facility.

Re-positions Residents maintaining proper body alignment at least every two hours according to Resident’s plan of care.

Performs post-mortem care according to policy and procedure as required

Changes linen and makes bed.

Cleans equipment as directed by the nurse.  Keeps the century tub, utility tub room, shower room, pantry, coiled utility and linen room in order.

When necessary, mops the floor when spillage or accident has occurred.

Keeps the lounge neat, clean and in order.

Cares for the Resident’s bedside stand, chest of drawers and closet with exception of the locked drawer.

Straightens resident’s unit as allowed by resident.

Follows facility Policy & Procedure for Handling and Laundering resident clothing and Personal items.

Reports conditions requiring Housekeeping or Maintenance attention.

Assists other employees when needed.

Cooperates with supervisors, fellow employees, Residents, families and other visitors to the facility.

Maintains friendly working atmosphere.

Maintains professional attitude and positive effective communications.

Maintains professional appearance as per facility dress code.

Provides assistance with Resident care where applicable.

Promotes the organization’s and department’s image, philosophy and policies.

Learns and follows organizational and departmental policies and procedures.

Learns and follows assigned safety, security and fire procedures.

Reports any incidents/accidents and dangerous situations immediately.

Maintains confidentiality of organizational and Resident Information.

Performs other related duties as assigned.

Provides a copy of current certification to the facility.  Must be certified in New York State with the New York State Registry.

Attends all Mandatory and Scheduled Inservice Programs in a timely manner, including but not limited to: Resident’s Rights, Abuse/Neglect/Mistreatment and Abuse Reporting, Fire Safety, Infection Control/Exposure Control, Body Mechanics, Harassment/Violence in the Workplace, HIPAA, Residents Safety, and Caring for the Cognitively Impaired.

Wears required uniform and identification badge indicating name and position while at work, adheres to dress code.

Consistently arrives to work timely and as scheduled.

Exhibits positive customer relations skills to all residents, as well as their family and other visitors.

Attends inservice classes and mandatory programs for 6 hours live every 6 months.  These required inservices will take place in a classroom setting with a live Instructor.

In addition to the required 6 hours live inservices, monthly self learning modules are available on the resident units for nursing staff to complete for continued learning.

Attends inservice education offered by the Staff Development Department based upon the outcome of the CNA’s annual performance review which addresses areas of weakness in the CNA’s performance evaluation.

All other related duties as required by the department.



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